Fina and Jesus

Not long ago, Fina had a very vivid dream.  In the dream she died, then found herself walking in a hay field, on a beautiful, sunny day. Looking up ahead, she saw a figure dressed in blue and standing on a perch, half-way up a mountain side. As she got closer, she saw a wide and deep ravine that divided her path from reaching the person in blue.  And now she could  see clearly a man, dark-skinned and handsome, tall and muscular, dressed in a flowing blue robe.  Then, the chasm slowly began to close.  Fina continued walking, and the path was smooth and unbroken.  She approached the figure, who stood with open arms.

Fina was welcomed with a big hug, Puerto Rican style!

Face from the Universe

Fina would meet someone for the first time, and after a brief conversation, the question for Fina would inevitably come up:  “And where are you from?”  And, her standard reply was  “well, I am from the Universe”.

Fina and I would be on our way home,  from one of many heart doctor visits, and  often would stop at our local Chick-fil-a.  for a mid-afternoon meal. And, Fina would  order the same menu item:  The Breakfast Sampler. (And, nearly always, she ate everything on the plate… her only meal of the day.)  Then, on the way out,  if Pam was working that day, she would come over and give Fina a big hug.  And,  Pam would say, “I hope to see you back here real soon”.   Fina’s standard reply:  ” I shall return”.

After she died ( it was only just moments later), I looked into Fina’s face, and saw a beautiful serenity.  And, although she had lost weight, in the weeks leading up to her death, nothing was missing.  Just the opposite:  peaceful contentment was added.  A loving countenance.  (When Fina was alive and healthy, love was present, from within.)  But, this  was  different…a radiance, an aura.  From exactly where, I did not know.  The Master’s work, somehow.  But,  I was certain of this:  the journey had begun, homeward-bound.  For Fina, back to the Universe.