Young Josefina

Fina, as a child attending public school w/brother Pedro ( in Yabucoa PR), was constantly defending her older brother who was picked-on for his “green eyes”. The green-eyed fairy monster. Someone in the classroom would inform Fina that Pedro was in another scuffle, and Fina would rush outside and enter the fray…her mother called Fina a “demonito” for her fierce, warrior-like fighting ability. (Her dad loved this sort-of-thing about his daughter…defending her brother’s “honor”. He called her “his Princess”. Fina felt she lived in a previous life as royalty.) As a child, Fina was fearless. Whether riding horses bare-back, climbing the highest coconut trees, trained by her father in use of the sabre to kill hogs and chickens for lunch to feed as many as 100 workers on the 600 acre ranch (at harvest time, tobacco and sugar cane), herding cattle to local Dept. of Agriculture de-lousing troughs. An expert marksman with the slingshot. But, often, her father excused Fina from everyday chores to read books in her hammock (making her sisters angry), and eventually¬† Fina was sent off to attend boarding school in Yabucoa. Very athletic, Fina played on her boys high school baseball team: her position was the catcher, managing the defense.

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